Member Committee(MC)

Common Problems
Limited visibility into security activities.
Limited awareness of security issues and risks
Difficulties in interacting with security guards and MO
Difficulty in addressing community-specific security needs.
Inefficient handling of complaints or feedback
Limited data for assessing community safety and analyzing trends
Challenges in monitoring and evaluating security performance.
What If Security Guards Slumber
Imagine a scenario where a security guard assigned to protect your community falls asleep on duty, unaware of potential threats. Without reliable tracking tools, sleeping security guards compromise resident safety and waste valuable resources. Lack of vigilance leaves the community vulnerable to intruders or unauthorized individuals who can go unnoticed.

Ensure community safety by implementing effective monitoring and promoting alertness among security personnel. Active and attentive security guards are crucial to mitigate risks.


Your Security Solution

Auto Reporting System
Enhance security by tracking and implementing timely actions, ensuring efficient monitoring and resolution of security activities. It improves visibility and foster a safer environment.

Enhanced Security and Efficiency!
Visitor Management System (VMS)
A VMS enhances security awareness, mitigates risks, and ensures a safer environment through real-time monitoring, visitor record-keeping, and access control.

Security Simplified!
Auto Follow Up System
Enhance communication and coordination between MC members and security guards by automating the follow-up process and ensuring prompt responses to messages, requests, and concerns.

Streamlined Collaboration!
Common Area Issues System
Improve the Member Committee's ability to address community-specific security needs by streamlining the reporting and resolution process.

Streamline your community management!
Auto Reminders System
It offers the benefit of timely notifications and reminders for important dates and deadlines. By using this system, you can stay organised, never missing critical events or tasks.

Stay on Schedule, Always.!
Access Control Incident System
Resolve data limitations and enhances community safety assessment. It provides real-time monitoring, detailed incident reporting, and trend analysis for informed decision-making.

Unleash the Power of Safety Insights!
Rounding System
Revolutionise security performance monitoring and evaluation. It enables real-time patrol updates, comprehensive data tracking, and accurate performance analysis, enhancing overall security effectiveness.

Transform security performance monitoring!
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