Human Resource (HR)

Common Problems
Manual and 
Time-Consuming Processes
Lack of Data Insights and Reporting
Communication and Collaboration Challenges
Compliance and Regulatory Compliance
Employee Training and Development
Performance Evaluation and Feedback
Maximizing Employee Engagement
Ever encountered a workforce that seems disengaged or unmotivated? It's time to address the issue head-on. Low employee engagement affects productivity and hampers your organization's growth. Equip yourself with effective tools provided by Automattor to monitor engagement levels, gather valuable insights, and take strategic actions to boost motivation and satisfaction.

Together, we can transform your HR department into a powerhouse of engagement, resulting in a more vibrant and thriving workplace.

Your Security Solution

Employee Recruitment Reporting System
Optimize recruitment efforts by centralizing candidate management, promoting collaboration among hiring teams, and simplifying candidate evaluation.

Effortless Talent Acquisition!
Employee Attendance Reporting System
Efficiently track employee attendance, ensuring accurate records that support effective payroll management and work-hour monitoring.

Enhanced Security and Accuracy!
Employee Leave Application Reporting System
Empower employees to request and manage leaves seamlessly, while HR gains real-time insights for efficient leave tracking and approval.

Streamlined Leave Management!
Employee Suspension Reporting System
Manage employee suspensions with clarity and compliance, maintaining a comprehensive record of suspension cases for future reference.

Transparent Suspension Handling!
Interview Schedule Reporting System
Effortlessly organize interview schedules, ensuring seamless communication between candidates and interviewers for a smooth recruitment process.

Optimized Interview Coordination!
Interview Summary Reporting System
Aggregate interview feedback for holistic candidate assessments, enabling data-backed hiring decisions and consistent evaluation.

Data-Driven Candidate Evaluation!
Pending Signature & Approval Reporting System
Ensure pending tasks receive prompt attention with a system that highlights signatures and approvals needed, maintaining a streamlined workflow.

Efficient Task Management!
Leave Applied & Approved Reporting System
Keep employees informed about leave requests and approvals, enhancing communication and providing transparency in leave management.

Transparent Leave Tracking!
Employee Show-cause Letter
Facilitate respectful and clear communication with employees through automated show-cause letters, fostering a culture of accountability.

Effective Employee Communication!
Employee Undertaking Letter
Provide employee with clear guidelines and expectations using automated undertaking letters, ensuring a productive and enriching employment experience.

Structured Employment Management!
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